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Xerox Inkjet

The Xerox Color 1000i Press with Gold/Silver metallic inks was unveiled during an event that was held at The Address Downtown, Dubai on October 11 2015 by Xerox Emirates. Apart from this, they organized another event at Abu Dhabi on October 13, 2015 for the Abu Dhabi visitors.

Speaking about the event, Pankaj Kalra, marketing manager for Xerox, commented, “The Dubai event is all about the Color 1000i Press with gold and silver metallic inks. With increased automation, the device keeps print environments at peak performance levels. The  device includes an optional specialty dry ink station that enhances documents with metallic gold or silver dry inks or applies spot or flood creative effects with clear dry ink.”

He further added, “Most of them are aware that Xerox helps the digital printing industry in providing a solution and this event will prove it again. Also, one of the strategic partners ‘Excel’ meets our customers and help them to develop digital section. So our value property is not limited to the press, we have a reliable new technology and infrastructure which not only help our customers to do the business and also to develop their sales as well as other activities.”