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Universal Graphic Trading, Dubai partners with TKM Group, Germany to sell their Anti Glue Knife for Paper Guillotines across GCC. The product was recently launched in Drupa.

Talking about the product, V Seshadri, BDM from Universal Graphic Trading, commented, “The product was lauched in the Drupa which has received overwhelming response over there. After seeing the response, we decided to sell this product in the GCC region. Here, there are many cutting products are available but there is no such products which has this ‘Anti-Glue’ option in it. Also, we have spoken to few of our clients about this product and they are more eager than us to use this product.”

He further added, “In the industrial production of self-adhesive products such as stamps, labels, etc., glues present an essential binding agent. After having glued the spine or sides, the products are cut to size. This puts a heavy strain on the cutting edge, glue piles up with each cut and has a negative effect on the cutting quality and in reflection, the user has to replace the knife prematurely. However, to counterfeit this, we offer our product with a non-stick coating in the vacuum furnace which would simplify the process of the printing house. In addition, it comes with HSS compound and Tungsten Carbide tip grades for leading Guillotine Machines like POLAR, Mohr, Perfecta, Wohlenberg, Itoh, Kolbus, Senator, Muller Martini and trimmer knives.”