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Honeywell has launched its new PM42 mid-range industrial label printer, aimed to help Middle Eastern businesses address evolving operational needs for information technology, networking and automation.

According to the company, with its intuitive user interface, the PM42 printer is easy to use and convenient to maintain, which saves time and reduces costs. The printer features enhanced processing capability and flexible open operating architecture to easily integrate into most IT infrastructures and can be deployed quickly into existing Honeywell or mixed-printer environments.

Honeywell’s press statement highlights the printer’s features including its all-metal housing that enables longer operating times and can support heavy-duty printing in challenging industrial environments, such as distribution centres and warehouses. They claims that the printer offers printing speeds of up to 300 mm/s and allows large volumes of continuous printing during peak times. The printer can also run sophisticated apps using Honeywell Smart Printing technology.

The printer also allows users to set, monitor and configure the printer using a handheld computer, tablet or smart phone.