As businesses - print or any other - go through their usual cycles of peaks and troughs, the one factor that should surface in varying situations is that systems and processes should be placed firmly in place.  Most print companies in UAE are owner driven, and therefore largely dependent on the ‘size’, experience  and decisions of one brain.  Establishing systems as a means of check and balance ensures auto-correction and a seamless flow of operations.  So, having marketing systems, inventory systems, accounting and hiring systems, distribution systems will ensure that as businesses grow they can run independently of the owner/manager (at least for the routine operations).  Systems should be created to create freedom, to create autonomous operations, to run independently.
A word of caution here would be to periodically review these ‘systems’, so that normal, day-to-day activities do not get buried under layers of administrative tasks.
This issue of PrintWeek MEA features a jargon-busting guide on key-colour standards that one encounters in day-to-day printing, while our Technology Report examines ways in which to one can deliver value in this digital age and our Star Product this month is Duplo’s DuSense DDC-810 ‘Sensory Coater’.

Shilpa Jasani is the editor of PrintWeek MEA magazine.