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MakerBot has participated in the 3D Print UAE exhibition through their partner Jacky’s. Recently, Stratasys acquired MakerBot after longsighting their technological growth.

Valentin Storz, direct & channel sales, MakerBot EMEA commented, “We have showcased three of our main products like ‘mini’ which is a perfect match for the home purpose, ‘replicator’ is a medium size 3D printer and ‘Z18’ is the biggest of all. So far, we have sold over 80,000 MakerBot printers and more than 25,000 in the EMEA alone. In addition, we are proud to say that we are on the 5th generation where their potential was enormous. For intstance, we are using our mobile application called ‘thingiverse’ where it has over 700 thousand .Stl 3D models in it where users can print it directly all over the globe and even they can watch the printing too. Also, it will notify us before the filament gets empty so that we can resume appropriately. With this, we are going much into professional areas like education, mechanical engineering, aerospace and many more. We see a lot of trends coming up where the 3D printing is getting penetrated. When we really talk about the break through, the consumer adoption has to grow then the market will grow rapidly. I do like the event and it’s important to push the events to develop the 3D printing. From MakerBot we always wanted to bring the 3D print into education and we will continuously put efforts to make it happen.”